Most people are surprised by how much goes into the various water activities that so many love to do. They're surprised by how much goes into diving; shocked that a wetsuit doesn't keep you dry at all (quite the opposite!). These are the sorts of topics we cover on this website — providing needed knowledge and ultimately closing the gap between land and sea.

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Dive watches comparison

Best Dive Watches of 2018

Choosing the right dive watch can be as difficult as learning diving. And let us tell you, with tons of ...
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Best 7mm Wetsuit in 2018

People need protection from cooler water. In most situations, especially with scuba divers, a thick wet suit is worn — ...
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Man fishing with best speargun after readin reviews

Best Speargun Reviews for 2018

A speargun is a type of underwater harpoon gun that launches a spear at a target. They are the most ...
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Snorkeling with full face snorkel masks

Best Full Face Snorkel Mask Reviews for 2018

Snorkeling is one of the most pleasurable and relaxing activities you can do while enjoying a day at the beach ...
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Best Wet Suits – Wetsuit Reviews and Ratings in 2018

For many water activities, a wet suit is a crucial piece of equipment. They are necessary either because of cool ...
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Wetsuit vs Drysuit: What’s the Difference?

A common question we hear: What is the difference between a wet suit and a dry suit? Wearing either one ...
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Spearfishing guide image

Spearfishing: The Ultimate Guide

Introduction What is Spearfishing? History of Spearfishing How to Spearfish Equipment Needed Legality Final Thoughts In this in-depth guide we’ll ...
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Is Scuba Diving Safe?

Scuba diving can be an incredible experience for people of all ages. The things you see underwater while diving can ...
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Ultimate Guide to Swimming Fast

Would you be surprised if I told you that swimming fast had little to do with muscle? That how much ...
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