Best Spearguns in 2019

Best Spearguns in 2019

A speargun is a type of underwater harpoon gun that launches a spear at a target. They are the most common tool used for spearfishing, even more so than standard pole spears.

Getting a reliable speargun is perhaps the most important step you can take before you spearfish. But in recent years tons of speargun types and models have flooded the market. So which is the best speargun in 2019?

We checked out the top spearguns on the market to find out. But before we can pick which speargun will work best for us, we need to know the differences between spearguns, why you would want one type over the other, the average cost of spearguns, etc. Knowing all of this information can help us decide what speargun to buy.

Okay! Let’s get started and take a closer look at the types of spearguns.

Note: In a rush? Feel free to jump ahead to our 2019 speargun reviews.

Types of Spearguns

There are three common fish-catching tools used for spearfishing (excluding other gear like fins, wet suits, dive masks, etc.): the pole spear, the Hawaiian sling, and the speargun — sometimes also just called a spearfishing gun. Talking specifically about spearguns, there are two primary types, and they are differentiated by how they generate their projectile power.

The two main types are:

  • Rubber
  • Pneumatic

Rubber Spearguns

Rubber spearguns get their power from rubber band(s), or some sort of elastic band. This is the easiest and cheapest speargun type to maintain, and is the most common as well.

Pneumatic Spearguns

Pneumatic spearguns are air powered. It often makes use of a hollow casing with an internal barrel, into which a thicker spear goes. Once pumped up, it reaches similar pressure/power as a strong rubber band.

Now that we know the different types that exist, let’s talk about pricing to give you a general idea on how much you’ll likely need to spend on a quality speargun.

How Much Does A Speargun Cost?

The cost of a speargun depends on several factors, including the speargun type, material quality, and desired power. Generally, the more expensive the speargun, the better its performance will be, though this isn’t always the case. (We think some of the best spearfishing guns are both high quality and affordable.)

But to answer the question of speargun cost: A normal speargun, on average, will cost somewhere between $100 and $500, with higher quality models usually priced at around $200+. Keep in mind that, generally, the longer the speargun length, the higher the price. With longer lengths comes greater range. So you will pay more if you want a speargun with longer range capabilities.

(Note: If you’re a total beginner and just looking to get your toes wet with spearfishing, one of the cheap spearguns we came across was pretty decent quality. You can check it out on Amazon. For the cheapest speargun, select the smallest available size. Probably won’t win fisherman of the year with it, but it may be the best speargun for beginners when price is a major concern.)

Overall, though, spearguns really aren’t that expensive. And if they’re taken care of, they will last a long time too. This means that buying a speargun is a long-term investment, and a fairly important decision to make.

Read on for our speargun reviews to find out what speargun is best for you.

Reviews of the Best Spearguns

Now that we’ve covered the important background information about spearguns, we can start getting into the specifics.

Again, there are tons of available spearguns, and it can be tough to select one. We reviewed the best spearguns that are available on the market now and assessed product details, performance, and pricing. Using this information we put together speargun rankings, with each ranked product getting a speargun review that includes further analysis to try to find the best spearfishing gun.

Without further ado, here are the top spearguns:

Type: Rubber-powered

Material: Mahogany wood

Length(s): 24", 32", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60"

This rubber powered speargun by AB Biller is made in the U.S.A and has a double barb rockpoint tip of hardened stainless steel. It makes use of two 9/16" rubber slings for extra power.

This wood gun is accurate, quiet, and has a neutral buoyancy for easier handling. It's a high-quality speargun that looks as great as it performs. It takes the top ranking spot on our list.

Type: Rubber-powered

Material: Swedish steel

Length(s): 85 cm, 95 cm, 105 cm, 115 cm

Cressi is another popular speargun brand with a loyal fanbase. Their Geronimo Elite is a high-end speargun that is versatile and customizable. It has right- or left-handed capabilities and the option to add circular bands to increase power.

The only negative is the higher price, but it comes complete with spear, sling, reel, and line (not all products do). Overall, a very good gun for spearfishing aficionados.

Type: Rubber

Material: Stainless steel

Length(s): 24", 32", 36", 42", 48", 54"

This product by A.B. Biller is very similar to its wooden brother — high-quality and attractive. The steel version features a hardened stainless steel shaft as well as double barb. It can be used by both left- and right-handed divers.

This product would be a very solid choice for any beginner or seasoned "spearo". It's a great combination of quality and affordability. Highly recommended.

Type: Pneumatic powered

Material: Stainless steel

Length(s): 16", 21.65", 27.5"

Specially made in Italy, this gun by Cressi is the only pneumatic speargun on our list. Again, Cressi spearguns have a great reputation for being high-quality and reliable spearguns.

This gun has a safety catch for preventing accidental firing and features neutral buoyancy for easy handling below the surface. This is a great choice for divers of any experience level who are looking to try pneumatic-powered spearguns.

Type: Rubber-powered

Material: Stainless steel

Length(s): 55 cm, 75 cm

Hammerhead spearguns are very popular. This one features a mono shooting line, front-end standard bungee, power X-change bands, and a fully railed barrel.

A few downsides: It does not come with any reels, so you'll have to purchase those separately if you want them. It also has fewer length choices than other models, but the available sizes are fairly common. It's an affordable speargun, and at the lower end of the average price range, we'd even venture as far as to say it's the best speargun for the money.

Final Takeaways

In our search we came across some great speargun models. As you may have seen, our favorite speargun brand is A.B. Biller. They make tons of great spearfishing gear. We prefer their wood model over the stainless steel, though in terms of functionality both are excellent quality. For more detailed product information (like current pricing) on our top speargun pick, you can go check it out on Amazon.

In the end, finding the best speargun for you will depend heavily on your personal preference and style (Another style-preference item? A dive watch).

We hope our speargun reviews have made it easier for you to choose the right one for you. Spearfishing can be great fun if you have the right equipment and know how to shoot while diving safely.

Now get out there and spear some fish!